10 Exciting Poetry Books Forthcoming in 2015

9781937658281 index fanny-cover

Here are 10 of books and chapbooks I am already looking forward to reading in 2015. Reviewing my list, I’m seeing that this is a strong year for titles in the first half of the alphabet. Happy New Year!

  1. Blood Medals, Claudia Cortese, Thrush Press.
  2. Boy with Thorn, Rickey Laurentiis, University of Pittsburgh Press.
  3. The Collected and New Collaborative Work of Denise Duhamel and Maureen Seaton, Sibling Rivalry Press.
  4. Do Not Rise, Beth Bachmann, University of Pittsburgh Press.
  5. Fanny Says, Nickole Brown, BOA.
  6. Hemisphere, Ellen Hagan, Northwestern University Press.
  7. How to Be Drawn, Terrance Hayes, Penguin.
  8. Lavender Review Anthology, edited by Mary Meriam, Headmistress Press. (My art critique poem “We Need the Boat of Love, Not the Boat of Tolerance” will be included.)
  9. Life in a Box is a Pretty Life, Dawn Lundy Martin, Nightboat Books.
  10. Station Zed, Tom Sleigh, Greywolf Books.

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